About S.Kumada

Shiro Kumada (My self-introduction )

Born in Gifu City, Gifu Pref.Japan in 1956. Graduated Doshisya University ( Economics ,bachelor degrees). 

Started learning how to play xylophone at six at a school group lesson and at 7 years old, met xylophone individual lesson teacher , Mrs.Shizuko Nishikawa ( died in 1997 ) and continued to learn with her until high school graduate. Regrettably , did not use any time to study how to read music at boyhood and memorized all the pieces without written musics.However, definitely she surely passed joy of music at least, throughout her over 10 years’ education.

After graduate from university, during the first working career at a famous soap and detergent manufacturerin the U.S., there was a chance to study abroad for about a year. During stay in Cincinnati in 1981 to 1982, learned 4 mallet technique from the music conservatory student utilizing weekend hour as hobby or just personal interest. But still did not understand written musics. After returned home, started learning how to play the marimba with Mr.Koichi Nakayama, ( JXA formal instructor ) and joined rather many amateur local concerts. Mr.Nakayama, a brilliant marimba instructor, successfully taught how to start learning about written musics and right manner practice had started. Have been studying J.S.Bach violin solo 3 Sonaten und 3 Partiten musics at least over 10 years and studying all the available Earl Hatch musics, gradually deepened understanding in written musics and started writing own arrangements or compositions in 1997. Another interest is Guatemalan marimba ensemble study but this has just started.

S.Kumada Works List ( all for marimba or xylophone solo ) 

1.Csikos PostH.Neckearrangement
2.Toccata & Fugue in D MinorJ.S.Bachtranscription
3.Dona DonaS. Secundaarrangement
6.March NO.1S.Kumada
7.Cherry BlossomTraditionalarrangement
8.De,Sche,Sche !S.Kumada
9.Dolly’s Dreaming AwakeningOhestentranscription (5 mallet etude)
10.Fuga 1.S.Kumada
11.Fuga 2.S.Kumada
12.Fuga 3.S.Kumada

( by Shiro Kumada update: Feb,2000 )

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