Performance Examples List

Item NO.TitleComposed by :Arranged by :TimeDate :NOTE:Photo display
1The Swan /Le CygneSt. SaensEarl Hatch 2:302021/3/21 From ” My Marimba and I ” ( To me, this beautiful arrangement is too impressive to forget )N
2Little Fox Trot NO.2Earl Hatch1:512021/4/11From ” My Marimba and I ” Retro touch dance music,but so beautiful.N
3Andantino (Moonlight and Roses)Edwin Lemare/L.V.BeethovenEarl Hatch2:592021/6/13Moonlight Sonata is used as the bridge.N
4Ave MariaFranz Peter SchubertEarl Hatch2:212021/7/5Schubert’s perfect melody. It does not allow to add any more .N
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