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The main purpose of this homepage is to introduce the late great marimba composer and arranger, Dr.Earl Hatch and his works. Please send E-mail for your specific interest or questions. More information will be available.

Regarding EHP written music purchases, this homepage does not accept any order and please proceed your inquiry directly to Earl Hatch Publications ( address shown in ” Main Earl Hatch Compositions and Arrangements ” , via postal mail only ).
(as of 2011, EHP mail address no more available, please contact Drop6, Mostly Marimba com and Steve Weiss Music.)

This page was made especially for wooden bar music fans in the world as well as amateur marimba/xylophone solo players who want to increase melodious music repertoire, however , of course any suggestions or advice by professional players or composers are welcome to make this homepage more useful.

Shiro Kumada

Welcome to the Lonely Player
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